A recent survey of marketing professionals showed that the overwhelming majority of those who contributed considered good content to be infinitely superior to the more traditional approaches of PR, direct mail, and print advertising.

This shift is interesting and means that businesses, brands and individuals wanting exposure must adapt to this new way of communicating with their stakeholders.

This outcome really should not be a surprise.  Who would not rather hear a good story than sit through a powerpoint presentation, read a report or wade through a sales brochure? Stories are exciting, stories are interesting and stories can bring legitimacy to the point that is being made. In short, stories help us persuade. That’s why throughout history, leaders in all walks of life have used stories to inspire, motivate and energise. 

In fact, when you hear a good story you feel compelled to share it. It is this point that makes the art of good storytelling such an essential business tool given the new reality of social media and an interconnected world.

Great content tells a story. The team at Green Door PR are experts in creating original, creative and compelling content. From exciting news releases to informative, interesting content for social media sites, we have more than 20 years of experience telling stories that people want to hear and share.

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