You can enjoy all the best press coverage in the world but the ultimate question from investors and stakeholders is how much business you are winning – we look at why comms needs to be an integral part of your business capture.

Of course, good media engagement is an essential part of positioning yourself for success – just as advertising, targeted networking and good marketing collateral are also important – but there so many other ways effective PR and Communications can help get that next order signed. It’s therefore odd that communications experts are often the last to be invited into the business capture process. That’s where many organisations are missing a trick.

Whether it’s helping with a proposal, advising on win themes and strategies or helping to get key messaging to decision makers, third party advocates and influencers, your communications professionals have an essential role to play alongside their colleagues in marketing, business development and sales.

At Green Door PR, we’re lucky enough to have a team with extensive, proven experience in helping organisations win business – sometimes programmes valued at billions – through well planned and well implemented communications campaigns.

Those companies recognized the value of experts who can help to identify the customers’ hot buttons; tailor the messaging and content to strike those vital chords and pinpoint the messaging to those who make the decisions.

Without succeeding in those elements, you can have the best bid in the competition but what happens if the message isn’t honed or lost in a mass of technical mumbo-jumbo or marketing fluff? The answer is that the customer chooses the bid that gets to the heart of his requirement, delivers the solution and conveys that messaging succinctly and clearly – it’s what good communication is all about and why we believe you won’t succeed in capturing new business without it.