We all find that it’s easy to keep doing things the same way, just because that’s the way they have always been done. But how many of us take the trouble to review things periodically to make sure that our processes are fit for purpose.

It’s no different with a company’s’ communications strategy and resources. At Green Door PR, we are regularly challenged with the task of making a client’s communications better and capable of delivering objectives more effectively.

Having spent part of our careers working across the spectrum from SMEs to large corporates, our team of professionals recognise that not everyone has the same resources or even the same requirements from their communications function. Indeed, some may not even have a pro-active strategy or objectives but look at the function as something that’s there when needed.

However you regard your communications activities, it’s likely that you don’t look at this important element of your structure often enough to ensure that it delivers what is required. A fresh pair of eyes from the outside can provide new ideas and a valuable source of innovation for those whose everyday roles may prevent them from looking at the bigger picture.

Our decades of experience at Green Door PR mean that we can often galvanise an existing communications structure or its team members by proposing a new dimension to their work.

Indeed, we’re so confident that we can add creative ideas and input to your communications function we’re offering to carry out an audit of your communications resources and strategy free of charge. This is certainly no threat to the way you currently do things, just a promise that we can help you do things better…