When it comes to successful communications, it’s irrelevant if you have an abundance of resources at your fingertips, the most creative ideas, or even the biggest budget.

The fact is, if you do not have a plan, you will almost certainly fail. Whether you need to communicate every day messages to a small group of people or a big announcement across a major organisation, the best communications always start with good planning. It is not a “nice to have”, an effective and achievable communications plan is essential and provides the solid foundation of any successful campaign.

Just like the SatNav in your car, a good communications plan will guide you to where you need to be, let you know where you are veering off course, and will help you understand when you have arrived at your destination. From ensuring you define your objectives, tactics and measurable to helping you capture your audiences, messaging and budget, a good plan will prove invaluable. This becomes even more fundamental when there are multiple people responsible for implementing the communications strategy. A plan will be the guide that ensures a consistent approach. But perhaps one of the most valued benefits of a plan is that it can allow you to effectively measure the success of your communications. With more and more companies rightly focusing on understanding their return on investment for communications activities, having a plan will be a huge help, enabling you to capture what worked and what didn’t.

With planning so vital to successful communications, it’s odd that so many businesses both large and small, fail to plan properly , or even at all. That’s where Green Door PR come in. Our experts have several years of experience creating and implementing communications plans for organisations ranging from SMEs to major blue chip corporations. Our plans that have led to the capture of major new business, the implementation of successful change programmes and have been the foundations for many high profile and successful PR campaigns.

If you don’t have a communications plan, you are almost certainly failing to maximise your PR budget. Investing time, energy and resource in developing a plan will reap dividends. Fortunately, we are here to help. Green Door PR will be delighted to meet with you, audit your existing resources free of charge and with no obligation discuss how we can help you plan for even greater success.